Industrial Washer Check up Fee (MFR30,40,60,80, MFS55, EWS204MR, EWR30MR) 750.00[1]
Industrial Washer Labor Charge (MFR30,40,60,80, MFS55, EWS204MR, EWR30MR) 1,500.00
Industrial Washer Remaing Labor (MFR30,40,60,80, MFS55, EWS204MR, EWR30MR) 750.00
Industrial Washer Cleaning Fee / Preventive Maintainance(MFR30,40,60,80, MFS55, EWS204MR, EWR30MR) 1,500.00
Dismantling (MFR30) 3,000.00
Dismantling (MLG20 / MLG24) 550.00
Installation Rates (Industrial Washer -EWS204MR, EWR30MR, EWS60M2) 13,000.00
Cleaning for Pump (For Washer and Dryer) 350.00
Labor Fee - Bearing and Transmission Repair/Replacement[2] 2,500.00

Haren R. Catli:
Edited - Confirmed to Sir John that charges on MFR Series and EWS Series are the same.
For Edit on AX by Ms. Fen - already infomed thru email
Haren R. Catli:
New 9/19/2018